Why flexibility of a tool is important for sales and service agents?

For companies to comply with their Omnichannel strategy, we believe that it is essential to have a powerful and flexible technological support. That offers different possibilities. Especially if we talk about care itself, it must be both automated and human. Complex inquiries often have to be referred to specialized agents to get the client to complete their application successfully.

With this in mind, when creating Wittybots, our RPA and conversation management software, we decided to incorporate a module specially designed for agents. Which allows to transfer to human attention instantly, providing your agents with a comfortable interface to manage in a unified way the various service channels of the company.

Why ¨flexibility¨?

First let's be clear about this concept that we like so much. One of the definitions that we can find is: ¨flexibility is the ability to easily adapt to different circumstances or to accommodate the rules to different situations or needs.¨

When we talk with our team about issues of internal values, which are reflected in what we transmit in everything we do, we always come to the conclusion that we defend this concept because it is a value for us.

Is it because we are millennials? It may be a generation that has broken many paradigms, especially at the level of labor flexibility.

This year 2020 has shown us more than ever that we must all be flexible, adapting to changes is crucial.

And then ... How is this flexibility reflected in our agent solution?

Conversation flexibility: 4 simultaneous conversations with different channels

Your company has several channels to give your customers the convenience of contacting you wherever they like, but the agents are the same. Our panel of 4 simultaneous conversations allows you to view conversations from different channels at the same time and switch from one to another with total freedom.

Location flexibility: Remote attention

The possibility of offering mobility for agents is the key. Your agents can attend from the office or from their homes, as they access the cloud platform.

Device flexibility: exclusive agent APP

Just as the agents can be anywhere, they do not always have to be able to access the desktop version of the PC, therefore we created an APP to be able to use it from the mobile phone, maintaining the unification of the information in the company's systems and not from agents' personal social media apps.

Role flexibility: Different session profiles

Accessing employees must be able to identify with their roles as the organization is hierarchized. That is why we made it possible to log in with a different profile, supervisor or agent.

Flexibility to categorize contacts: tray customization

The needs of companies are diverse. Regarding their internal organization, there are those who may want to divide the service according to service departments (sales, logistics, among others) or it could be by type of client (whether it is premium or not), by language (each agent answers in the language that belongs to him) in short, the needs are endless ... Wittybots allows you to customize the service trays as desired and when a client wants to talk with an agent, you can refer them to the service tray that applies depending on the case.

Media flexibility

Conversations are communication in action, they may require going beyond the written text. This is how we allow agents to receive and send different message formats, text, voice, images, videos and different types of files.

Mode passage flexibility

When a conversation has been resolved, the agent can make the decision to redirect the interaction to automatic mode. And if the client wants to get in touch again, she can request it at any time.

Information flexibility

If another agent takes a conversation that has a prior history. It is essential that the company shows that it knows you. For this we made it possible to access the notes previously generated by your partner.

Contact flexibility

For WhatsApp, this functionality allows agents to send outgoing messages outside the 24-hour contact window. allowed by the channel. Which is very useful since there are cases of attention that require more time to resolve.

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