What "Conversational Marketing" is?

Conversational marketing is a term that describes an approach to increase customer engagement, build brand loyalty, and positively impact sales results.

Conversational Marketing is enabling marketing teams to achieve their desire for personalized conversations with their customers on a large scale. Thanks to this, brands can learn what matters to their audience and build ongoing relationships that help them better serve their customers.

These advancements are occurring due to the use of popular messaging apps like WhatsApp. Companies are looking for the best way to get to know their customers within these applications.

At the same time, advances in technology are opening the doors for companies to engage with their customers on a large scale and, in doing so, learn about their needs and preferences without intrusively controlling their online behavior.

How can Conversational Marketing help my business?

One-on-one personal conversations have the power to build customer relationships, increase loyalty, and deliver great consumer experiences. Brands can use Conversational Marketing to open a two-way communication channel with their customers.

Marketers can use that deep understanding of the customer to get business results.

Companies now operate in a sales environment that no longer dictates when, where, or how customers engage with them. With real-time messaging, shoppers expect a new kind of experience, where conversations happen on their own terms.

The buyer's journey and the sales funnel have changed. For years, sales and marketing teams have focused on using the "form and track" approach to capture and qualify potential customers. We are all familiar with the steps below ...

Step 1: Attract people to your website

Step 2: Have those people fill out the capture forms

Step 3: Email, call, or enter a sales flow

While steps 1 and 3 are fairly straightforward and generally get the most attention, step 2 is the problem.

The forms of capture have become annoying, cumbersome, and seemingly outdated for buyers. This may have something to do with the increased use and comfort levels of using messaging apps.

By implementing a conversational approach, a single marketer can now set up a bot that automatically greets hundreds or thousands of visitors and asks them qualified questions.

That bot can send qualified leads to specific sales reps or help leads demo on a rep's calendar.

This new 'fast lane' saves time for both the buyer and the sales representative. The buyer receives real-time interaction, and the sales rep spends less time filtering out bad opportunities.