Benefits for your company

Attention 24/7/365

Respond to your clients at all hours, every day.

One more contact

Personalized, close and direct conversations. Create a profile of your customers

Instant service

Without waiting, answers according to the immediacy of today's world.


It is not necessary to install an app or registration. Sending photos, audios, documents.

30% cost reduction

in customer service.
100% happy customers.


Attention fluency

For companies with large volumes of interactions.


cost reduction in customer service


of web, phone or social media inquiries are frequently asked questions


of people get "upset" when they have to wait on the phone

Bot for customer service

Automate responses to repetitive queries

  • Branches and hours

  • Promotion information

  • Special events

  • You will be able to attend all inquiries without waiting, without hours and automatically and personalized.

Query the company's database

  • Product inquiries: models, stock

  • Inquiries about the status of shipments, payments and collection

  • Balance inquiries

  • Maturities

  • General database queries

Referral to specialized human agents

  • Integration with company conversation systems

  • Direct sells

  • Complex queries evacuation

  • Premium care

  • Lead Detection Triggers


de los consumidores prefiere usar aplicaciones de mensajería para relacionarse con las marcas


de usuarios de smartphone tienen WhatsApp en el celular y 92% tiene Facebook


de las grandes empresas planean tener chatbots para el 2020

Bot for sales and marketing

Innovative marketing and sales actions


  • Purchase of products and services

  • Reservations, procedures

  • Data update

  • Account validation

  • Web actions and SaaS services

  • Giveaways, trivia, activities at fairs and events

Sending campaigns


  • Special greetings

  • Diffusion of products, specific services, new promotions

  • Initiate automatic sales processes

  • Massive actions

Improve your sales and future campaigns


  • Sale of products

  • Launch of new lines: Detection of interest and connection with operators when the customer is interested

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