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San Cristóbal Seguros was founded in 1939 in Argentina. It is the insurer with the highest net worth in Argentina, which demonstrates the quality of its professionals and its ability to meet commitments.

The WhatsApp chatbot for SAN CRISTOBAL SEGUROS allows clients and brokers to request quotes, collection coupons, even send part of claims. The client sends their location, and images of the incident, allowing customer service agents to provide the necessary services. It involved integration with your web services.

Since 1995, introducing the concept of ultra-frozen bakery products to the Uruguayan market. Since then, they have permanently invested in technology; which has allowed them to maintain sustained growth over the years.

Today, they have automated plants in the United States and Mexico.

Development for Pagnifique has an innovative purpose. Since thir chatbot is for internal use . With nearly 1,000 employees, a tool like wittybots, became a fundamental for the management of the company's HR. It allows employees to report absences, late arrivals, among others. While the department has the facility to send official communications.

All being in a unified conversation history available to the company.

Financial Company, focused on microcredit. It is one of the most important financial entities in financing in Uruguay.

The development of the WhatsApp chatbot for FUCAC involved integration with its CRM. It is possible for the user to start a loan request through this channel.

The bot asks the user to send their data and identity document, saves this information in the CRM and initiates said request. It also answers frequently asked questions, such as: requirements, hours and branches.

Is the greatest and oldest Retail company of stationery, toy store and bookstore in Uruguay.

MOSCA chatbot is able to indicate the availability of articles in the different branches, interacting with the company's database.

It facilitates the sale process, redirecting the user within the desired category to their e-commerce to finalize the sale. It also answers frequently asked questions, such as: hours, branches, how to join the staff, among others.

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